Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the study of cognition. This interdisciplinary science provides the playground for convergence and integration of different fields of sciences and continues to flourish, attracting the participation of the broader cognitive science community in Iran. The research programs in IPM School of Cognitive Sciences (IPM-SCS) cover research projects in diverse areas including cognitive neuroscience, neural modeling, psychophysics, linguistics, neural networks and artificial intelligence. IPM-SCS sustains programs of research to elucidate how cognition is related to the function of the brain. Our main goals are to promote and facilitate scientific research in cognitive sciences by: Facilitating the formation of alliances of investigators with common interests, particularly in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and neural modeling. Establishment of research laboratories to study brain functions related to cognitive behaviors such as visual object recognition, attention, concept formation and abstraction using techniques such as single-unit recording from primates, ERP and fMRI. Promoting the cognitive sciences by organizing international and domestic workshops and seminars.


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