Rodent Electrophysiology, Imaging and Data Analysis

Lecturers: Zeinab Fazlali, Ph.D. (IPM), Yadollah Ranjbar Slamloo, Ph.D. (Australian National University), Shima Talehy Moineddin, M.D., Ph.D. (IPM)

Date and Time: 9-10 December 2017, (18-19 Azar 1396), 9:00 - 18:00

Venue: Larak Building, Opposite to Araj District, Artesh Highway, Tehran, Iran


Registration fee: 120,000 Toman (for student: 60,000 Toman)

Organizers: Dr. Zeinab Fazlali, Dr. Shima Talehy Moineddin

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This workshop is designed to deliver practical knowledge on electrophysiological and imaging techniques and related data analyses in rodents. Technical subtleties, equipment and surgical operations for electrophysiological recording and functional imaging will be covered. The nature and origin of electrical and imaging signals in the brain will be also briefly covered and discussed. Practical sessions will demonstrate animal handling, anesthetizing, surgical operation, cortical and subcortical recording, and defining somatosensory receptive fields. Analysis of raw voltage traces and imaging data using MATLAB and ImageJ will be covered in related practical sessions Attendees can use any other programs (e.g. Python) or related software at their convenience to analyze the data. We strongly encourage attendees to bring their own laptop for data analyses during these sessions.

At the end of this workshop, the attendees will gain substantial knowledge on key techniques in rodent neurophysiology. It is a great opportunity to gain tangible experience with rodent surgery, sensory stimulation, and cortical recordings. Applicants may have diverse research and educational backgrounds with a desire to apply these techniques in their future studies and/or gain a practical understanding of the brain activity.


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