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Neuroimaging and Signal and Image Analysis Group
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Achievements and Future works

Recently, our group has implemented a method for high-resolution fMRI and has successfully shown its performance. The significance of the approach is its ability to do even sub-millimeter fMRI on a commercial 3T scanner. We are also studying the neurobiological substrate of the brain function through the following projects:

Brain decoding for natural motions to reveal functional organization of the brain during motion perception

Neural mechanism of dual task interference

Effect of attention on representations of multiple stimuli in the visual cortex

Connectivity of the brain regions during emotion regulation by neurofeedback

Effect of treatment on brain activation and connectivity in patients with stuttering and other neurological problems


The goals of the group include development of:

Acquisition protocols and pulse sequences for MRI studies of the brain

Acquisition and analysis of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals for studying brain function

Acquisition and analysis of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) data for studying microstructure and structural connectivity of the brain

Acquisition and analysis of functional MRI (fMRI) data for investigating activity and connectivity of the brain

Integrated analysis and fusion of signals and images for neuroscience studies

Acquisition and analysis of perfusion MRI for studying metabolism and blood flow of the brain at the capillary level


Selected Publications


NSIAG develops and applies novel methods for both acquisition and analysis of biological signals and images in the field of cognitive neurosciences. It holds journal clubs as well as national and international workshops to promote these subjects.Our researchs will improve our understanding of the brain function. Our findings will allow improvements in attentional and multiple tasking and guide development of procedures for helping individuals with brain deficit In addition, we are developing efficient methods for estimating dynamic and effective functional connectivity of the brain using single or multi-modality data which can be used in various research projects.

Our Amazing Team


Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh, PhD

Group Director

zadeh-hs [at] ipm [dot] ir

Gholam Ali Hossein-Zadeh, PhD

University of Tehran

ghzadeh [at] ut [dot] ac [dot] ir

Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam, PhD

Amirkabir University of Technology

abbas [at] caltech [dot] edu

Ali Ghazizadeh, PhD

Sharif University of Technology

alighazizadeh [at] ipm [dot] ir

Elahe Yargholi


elaheyargholi [at] ipm [dot] ir

Samaneh Shojaei Langari, PhD

Postdoc Researcher

s.shojaei [at] ipm [dot] ir

Narges Doostani

PhD Student

nargesdoostani [at] ipm [dot] ir