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Easy to Use Scientific Computing

Equipped with essential frameworks and behavioral and neural analysis packages and toolboxes, cognitive cluster is a wide range of researchers through an easy-to-use, interactive graphical environment.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Providing support for most well-known frameworks, cognitive cluster can accelerate cognitive and neuroscience themed machine learning and deep learning projects.

Neuroimaging Analysis

Use the most popular analysis softwares of the field to analyze you neuroimaging data.

Neural Signal Analysis

Analyze neural data with well-know tools for spike and local field potential data analysis.

Proprietary Offline Sorter Access Solution

Access industry standard enterprise spike sorting software using in-house developed solution.

Key Features

50 Cores


256 GB


60 TB


2080 Ti



The School of Cognitive Sciences Cognitive Cluster was established to address the ever-growing volumes of data used in cognitive and neuroscience research and the consequent increase in complexity of the essential computations. SCSCC aims to provide researchers with the storage, computational power and programs necessary for their research. We offer an all-in-one, easy-to-use, environment with interactive, responsive and customizable graphical interfaces, tailored specifically to properly fulfill distinctive needs of the researchers of this field.

Our Amazing Team


Hossein Seyedi

Project Manager

Seyedi [at] ipm [dot] ir