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Attention How does the brain orient its attention to a specific aspect? It is the main question of our team that we have focused on.


How does the brain integrate various kinds of information on natural scene for a unique perception? This is an open question of the field that is so related to the attention mechanism. We are investigating this question based on different data and aim to propose a mechanism for it .

Working Memory

How does the brain maintain and manipulate information in working memory (WM) for guiding behavior based on our goals. This could be related to maintaining or selecting information WM. Attention could be a plausible mechanism for selecting information in WM.



Selected Publications


The main purpose of our group is to approach to the neural basis of attention, perception and working memory based on brain signals (spikes, Local field potentials, EEG signals and fMRI data). Moreover, we aim to elucidate how the brain activity and neural connectivity are changed for transferring cognitive information between different brain areas. Finally, we aim to investigate the relation between this neural activity and behavior for suitable action. Using cutting edge methods on electrophysiological data of rat and macaque monkey and also human EEG and fMRI data, we aim to reveal the neuronal circuits that underlie attention and perception mechanism in the brain.

Our Amazing Team


Mohammad Reza Daliri, PhD

Principal Investigator Iran University of Science and Technology (IST)

daliri [at] iust [dot] ac [dot] ir

Fatemeh Zareayan, PhD

Postdoc Researcher


Mohsen Parto Dezfoull, PhD

Postdoc Researcher

Moh3nparto [at] ipm [dot] ir

Mohammad Zarei, PhD



Mohammad Bagher Khamechian


baghermkh [at] gmail [dot] com

Mohammad Aliramezani

maramezani [at] ipm [dot] ir