Hands-On Rat Electrophysiology Workshop

Group I- 5 applicants: 20 Jun 2018 (30 Khordad 1397)
Group II- 5 applicants: 21 Jun 2018 (31 Khordad 1397)

Rodent Electrophysiology and Neuromodulation Lab, IPM-School of Cognitive Sciences
Larak Building, Opposite to Araj District, Artesh Highway, Tehran, Iran

Zeinab Fazlali, Ph.D. (School of Cognitive Sciences, IPM)

Alavie Mirfathollahi, M.Sc. (IPM; Iran University of Science and Technology)
Seyed Mojtaba Alavi, M.Sc. (IPM; Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University)

Zeinab Fazlali, Ph.D. (School of Cognitive Sciences, IPM)

This workshop is suitable for researchers with any background who wish to learn electrophysiological recording from rat brain. Participants will start with learning basic rat handling and various methods of drug injection. Two common methods of anesthesia will be demonstrated. Then the procedure of rat stereotaxic surgery, craniotomy, electrode implantation and recording will be demonstrated in detail. At the end, intracardiac perfusion and brain removal will be demonstrated. An introduction will be given at the beginning of each demonstration. There will be hands-on sessions after each demonstration when attendees can practice their desired procedure(s). At the end of this workshop, attendees will gain substantial experience with rat handling, injection, surgery and collection of the brain signals.

All sessions will be held in Rodent Electrophysiology and Neuromodulation Lab

Registration Information:

Email: scsworkshop2018@gmail.com

Registration fee: 150.000 Toman

Registration fee for students: 75.000 Toman

Registration deadline: 15 Jun 2018 (25 Khordad 1397)

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