Two-day Symposium on Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (TCNS), in association with Bernstein Center Freiburg, 16-17 April 2018, Tehran, Iran. (Read more)

Our Mission

Theoretical neuroscience has entered a new phase of maturity which poses many exciting questions at the forefront of brain sciences. These include what the basic properties of brain's dynamics are, such as normalization, amplification, superlinear addition, etc., as well as asking the question of whether or not there are some units of computation upon which the cortical activity is based on. It is now generally known that brain's spontaneous activity and its intrinsic oscillations and neural variability carries some deep insight into how the basic operations of the brain unfolds. Also, in light of new imaging techniques and advances in data analysis we are now in a much better position than just a decade ago to study one of the most fundamental questions of brain sciences, namely, what is the relation between the structure and the function of the brain and how it all relates to behavior.


At a more abstract level, research in theoretical neurosciences faces the challenge of how to incorporate biologically plausible learning dynamics and spiking neural networks in a single model of brain dynamics. Our mission in the new established Center for Theoretical Neurosciences at IPM is twofold. The first objective is to pursue the main line of research outlined above in a more specified direction and at the same time bring in closer collaboration with research centers abroad who would like to support and maintain joint activity programs. Second, we regard educational efforts to train and attract talented young researches from fields of Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, etc., as a top priority. We hope the activity of the center in the near future will bring us closer to our main objectives.