IPM co-hosts 3rd Tehran IBRO School of Neuroscience in Molecular, Electrophysiological, Cognitive and Behavioral approaches (26 October - 6 November, 2013). Prominent scientist from Japan, Germany and Iran presented their lectures and 25 students from Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand and Iran participated in this event. 

IPM vision lab provided the following workshops/ Discussions for Cognitive Science group in this event:

Oct31 Thursday: Psychophysics: Mohammadreza Abolghasemi
Nov 2 Saturday: Primate Electrophysiology: Dr. Sina Salehi
Nov 3 Sunday: EEG/ERP: Tahereh Toosi
Nov 4 Monday: Spike sorting and analysis: Hossein Vahabie
Nov 5 Tuesday: fMRI: Dr. Hosseinzadeh